Video Consultation Made Easy For Lawyers

Use our App solution...Increase billable hours.Save your firm time and money. Add mobility to your practice. Generate and convert more leads.


Video Consultation Overview

A solution tailor made for lawyers

We are excited to launch the first of its kind video conferencing solution which enables lawyers to consult their clients from any location.

Consult on your own mobile App

Lawyers can now video confernce with clients using their own 'law firm branded' mobile App.


High quality secure video conferencing

Our advanced solution ensures highest quality secure video conferencing between the lawyer and client.


How It Works?

Step 1 - The staff pre-schedules the client-lawyer video appointment. Both the lawyer and client are immediately notified with the details of the appointment.

Step 2 - The lawyer and client login via the law firm App and seamlessly chat using our high quality video conference solution.

Step 3 - A detailed report of video call log (daily/weekly/monthly) can be generated anytime.

Benefits of Video Consultation

Increase billable hours

Due to ease of video conferencing, clients are more likely to use this service for minor/short consultations. Resulting in added revenues for the firm.

Increase geograhic reach

Video conferencing offers lawyers the opportunity to bill clients from any location thus increasing the geographical reach of the firm.

Add mobility to your practice

We fully understand that every minute of the lawyer is extremely valuable. Our solution offers lawyers the mobility to do a face-face video meeting with clients from any location.

Convert prospective clients

First impressions are everything. Using our video conferencing solution for the first meeting will have a greater impact compared to a phone consultation.

Reduce deposition costs

Our technology allows law firms to conduct remote depositions. Instead of traveling across town or across the state, lawyers can simply depose someone right from their office saving the firm thousands of dollars.

Client comfort

Our solution is ideal for clients who find it difficult to travel and would prefer a consultation from the comfort of their home.


Data Security and Privacy

We ensure highest quality data security and privacy

Our encrypted and authenticated infrastructure means that your client data is always private and secure

Every firm will have their own Apple store and Android store account to host their App



Additional Features of our Divorce Help App

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Clients can use this feature to set calendar appointments directly from the App. The calendar is synced directly with your firm's outlook calendar.

Divorce Help Resources

An extensive collection of important 'divorce help' information that provides users deep understanding of the entire divorce process

Alimony Calculator

Helps users get an estimate of potential alimony

Child Support Calculator

Helps users get an estimate of potential child support

Asset/Debt Calculator

Helps users create a list and split up their marital assets/debts. The result is displayed in a simple easy to read table This information can be mailed to your firm

Expense Manager

Helps clients of the firm manage their expense.



Additional Features of our Personal Injury App

Automatic Car Crash Detection

Our App automatically detects a car crash using the internal sensors of the user's smartphone. Once crash is detected, our App immediately notifies the emergency contacts of the users.

Accident Kit

Helps users accurately collect information at the scene of an accident using camera, GPS and relevant forrms

Finding Emergency Services

Enables users to locate nearby hospitals, taxi, police stations, tow trucks and auto repair centers

Record My Trip

Helps users record their road trip. This could provide vital evidence if the user is involved in a car crash

Pain Journal

Helps clients of the firm keep a detailed record of their pain levels during recovery

Expense Manager

Helps clients manage their expense


How the App helps in marketing the law firm?

More leads

Make your Ads stand out by offering 'video consultation' on your own law firm App. This strategy will ensure you get more leads.


Leverage the App in every online and offline marketing campaign of your firm.


Social media and online marketing

Kickstart your firm's online and social media campaign using the App. Get 2x traction compared to traditional social media and online marketing. The combination of online promotion video with mobile app is ideally suited to a law firm that wants huge exposure in their region.



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